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HEROES FOR HUNGER, Calvary Food Pantry Articles.

From the point of view of a food pantry and the challenges that must continually be faced, Heroes for Hunger began as a dialogue, in this historical town, with the Auburn community. As a monthly series of articles, informing the public what it takes to run a successful, thirty year old pantry, these discussions reflect the Calvary Food Pantry’s commitment of “helping one hungry person at a time”. The articles demonstrate it takes many people to support this effort and the volunteers involve themselves, their skills and their know-how, to work selflessly, through actions and partisan support, for those who are underprivileged and thought to be insignificant and powerless.

The Heroes for Hunger articles establish a continuing discourse trying to eradicate the perception that hunger strikes only needy, inconsequential individuals. It is the pantry’s belief the citizens of Auburn understand these messages of conviction and hope. The pantry’s mission allows anyone to have food in the face of continuing unrelenting, non-stopping cycles of crisis and despair that strikes anyone who becomes hungry, usually in an instant and at any time. This optimism manifest itself, reflectively, not just in Auburn, NY, but in communities all across America. Heroes for Hunger’s messages are one of certainty, courage, (in the face of horrific odds), and promise.

HEROES FOR HUNGER, (and accompanying list of area pantries), is the first of its kind on the web.

Nancy Sheffield, Executive Director, Calvary Food Pantry, 315-252-7772, e-mail at calfpcny@localnet.com.

Articles written with the help of Elizabeth Scott Boudreau, volunteer.

Supported by “THE CITIZEN” Newspaper and the Lake Life’s editor, David Wilcox with the help of formatting from Jayde Bachman, at the “Citizen”.

Lake Life Article March 16, 2016

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