Partnership Garden

Vicky Giving instructins to students from St. Joseph's School
Vicky Giving instructins to students from St. Joseph’s School

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Vegetable Garden with Lettuces


Discussion of a notional idea for a volunteer Victory Garden in support of Calvary food Pantry CNY. Inc was brought about via brain-storming session including Don Russell, Nancy Sheffield and George Wilson in February 2014. Noteworthy, was the open approach in brain storming that allowed the team to focus on the needs of Calvary Food Pantry through the notional garden growing season to optimize produce production through four phases of planting, organizing, maintenance, and harvest providing sustainment of produce to Calvary Food Pantry.

Our mission Of The Volunteer Victory Garden is to raise crops (produce) during the projected growing season, for distribution and consumption by guests of Calvary Food Pantry.

The Garden is housed at the Home 48 Grant Ave directly across from the Food Pantry.  The Welch Allyn Volunteer day project in 2014 sent several volunteers to help refurbish the gardens raised beds and added two new ones. A storage shed was also donated and set up to keep our rototiller and garden tools in.

In 2017 we took a break from the garden but with the help from Excellus Health Care we were still able to provide fresh produce to those in need.  Excellus provided us with a grant that allowed us to buy fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers, which helped not only those who used our program but local businesses in our community as well.  We would like to thank Excellus for that wonderful opportunity.